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Ecobusters insect protection

Long-term protection against insects

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Ecobusters creates a beautiful insect-free stable for you and your horses.

The Ecobusters insect-protection works almost invisible in the stable and provides effective long-term protection against insects. A fine mist is automatically distributed in the stable through special high-quality nozzles on the ceiling. You can adapt the spraying intervals individually to your needs. In addition, the system helps to improve hygiene in the barn.

Ecobusters creates a fly-free stable: automatically, almost invisible and odorless. The fine mist is distributed silently floating in the stable. This keeps the entire barn free of flies, horseflies and the like. This not only relaxes the horses, but also makes our daily work easier.

for the love of horses

The Ecobusters insect-protection creates an unsurpassed fly-free zone with a lasting effect. It prevents the formation of larvae and the explosive proliferation of unwanted insects. This improves hygiene in the barn and prevents painful wounds and inflammation. In addition, a fly-free stable reduces stress and illnesses in horses, increases well-being and prevents additional veterinary costs. Our insect protection system provides relief, especially for sensitive horses and eczema.


Equitana Innovation Award 2022

In April 2022, the Ecobusters fly protection system was nominated for the Equitana Innovation Award in the stable, hall and riding arena construction category.

The innovation award, which EQUITANA has been awarding since 2007 in cooperation with the PFERDEBETRIEB trade journal, is considered the most renowned competition in the European equestrian sport market.

fine & silent Nozzles


Quality and elegance combined

Our special high-quality nozzles distribute the finest mist automatically and unnoticed in the barn. The nozzles can be individually adapted to your needs.

The stainless steel high-performance nozzles are attached above the boxes and cleaning stations on the ceiling. The set intervals take into account the individual spray duration and frequency at which the fine mist is distributed automatically in your barn.

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Fitted to your needs with an easy installation

The Ecobusters system can be adjusted entirely to your individual needs in your stable. The hose system including nozzles is mounted above the horse boxes on the ceiling in the stable. In order to make the application as easy as possible for you, the modern and silent high-pressure pump system is connected to the usual power supply in the barn and adjusted via an easy-to-use display. Once active, the system works fully automatically, 24/7.

advantages at a glance

Very effective. Reliable protection against annoying insects.

Customizable. Perfectly fit to your needs in the stable.

Long-term protection. Ecobusters provides permanent protection against insects and prevents the formation of larvae.

Relaxed horses are happier. With less insects in the stable your horses will calm down and enjoy their time inside.

Odorless and quiet. The invisible helper in your stable.

Not sticky. You won’t feel it on fur & skin.

Improved hygiene in the stable. With less insects and less excrement hygiene improves drastically.

Prevents painful insect bites. This saves you unnecessary costs at the vet & makes your horses happy.

Ecobusters insect-control system

long-term protection

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