High quality rubber mats made in Germany

The safety and comfort of your horse is our main concern. To ensure the highest quality standard we test our products on a regular basis. To find the perfect fit fir your stable, we customize each product to fit your needs.


Highest quality standards: We have the best rubber on the market for you.

We are always one step ahead – from manufacturing until quality control. All our rubber mats are tested regularly by independent institutions. To continuously develop our products we work with the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and the Polymere Science Center (NL). This way we can ensure the highest standards and safety.


Save time and money on cleaning and bedding.

Our warm and comfortable rubber mats provide the best flooring for your horse. Muscle tension, rheumatism and stiffness are reduced. You will need less bedding and thereby increase the air quality in the stable. Due to its surface, the rubber mats are easy to care for and easy to clean all year round.


We continuously develop our products to ensure highest quality standards.

Through our unique manufacturing process we create long-lasting and durable rubber mats made of natural elements. The most important aspect is to make the rubber elastic, dimensionally stable, and abrasion resistant. In this way our mats not only provide good comfort to your horse, but also save money, sawdust and work for you.


Our rubber mats are extremely durable and long-lasting for decades.

Our rubber mats provide safe and comfortable flooring for your horse. The soft top-layer makes it easy for horses to stand up and lay down. The rubber improves surefootedness and and promotes the natural hoof mechanism due to its natural composition.