Quiet, non-slip and comfortable; a real all-rounder

For more peace and quiet in the stable and improved comfort. Our waterproof rubber insulates loud hoof rattle in the stable hall and creates a pleasantly calm atmosphere. Improved surefootedness on non-slip rubber. Tendons and joints are protected. Little cleaning effort in an attractive appearance for daily use.

For daily use

The special hammer profile gives the hoof a secure hold and comfort. The horse can turn well on the rubber surface and the hoof is not stopped abruptly. This protects tendons and joints. Perfect for daily use in horse walkers or stable halls.

We manufacture all of our mats custom for you. In this way we achieve an optimal result and the seamless rubber means that you have the least cleaning effort! No liquids can flow in between. This is how we create the highest quality for years.

Very suitable for washing areas. Due to the special surface of the mat, your horse does not slip and the hooves have a secure grip even when it is wet.