The best fly-control for your stable

The best fly protection for horses in the stable! Everyone who knows and loves equestrian sport also knows its unpleasant companions, the insects and flies. Not only do they leave an unhygienic impression in the stable, they also transmit diseases and cause painful infections.

With the Ecobusters fly protection, working time and costs can be reduced. The flies are automatically contained and fought off in the barn. Our active ingredients do not stick to skin and fur. The horses are not irritated by the odorless and quiet spraying.

Get rid of flies

Enjoy time with your horse

Ecobusters fly protection offers effective, fully automatic long-term protection against mosquitoes, flies, horse flies and ticks in the stable. We offer you an exclusive fly-control service in your stable. Enjoy a fly-free season all year round!

  • Automatic (24/7)

  • Very effective

  • Odorless

  • Reliable

  • Doesn’t stick

  • Easy to use

  • Easy installation

  • Customizable

  • Safe for birds in the barn

  • Low maintenance

That’s how it works

Automatic misting system

Through small spray nozzles on the ceiling, our active ingredient is sprayed fully automatic 24/7 in the stable. Individually adjustable intervals guarantee a high level of effectiveness, exactly according to your wishes. The horses are not disturbed by the gentle sprays. The effect becomes clear after just a few sprays. The atmosphere in the stable becomes much calmer and the horses stand more relaxed. The setting is simple and you can adjust it at any time. The system offers optimal protection all year round. We recommend regular use.

Fliegenschutz Stall Ecobusters Pferd

Prevent painful insect bites

Our active ingredients are decomposed by natural UV radiation and leave no residue. They are very effective against annoying insects in the stable. The odorless, fully automatic fly protection system keeps your stables free of insects without disturbing the daily operations. So they can enjoy a fly-free stable all year round.

Ecobusters Fliegenschutz Stall Pferd

Easy and quick installation

The installation of our Ecobusters insect protection system is easy and you can do it yourself. The system is supplied with accessories and can be easily installed in the stable by one person. On average, assembly takes 20 minutes per spray nozzle. Most of our customers install the system themselves without any problems. Since it hardly requires any maintenance, care and maintenance is simple. Before the first frost, we recommend preparing the tubes for winter. It’s quick and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes a year.

  • You can install the system yourself
  • Ca. 20 minutes per nozzle
  • Our professional installation team will take care of the installation if needed

We make fly protection for your stable easy and safe. Our fly-control system is highly effective and easy to use. This way you can enjoy the time with your horse more. Got more questions? Reach out via info@ecobusters.com!


Note: Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.


Enjoy your insect free stable with our automatic misting system.