orthopedic and easy on the joints

EliteStall® is an orthopedic, padded and seamless flooring that offers more than just comfort – it ensures healthier horses, better air quality in the stable and significant cost savings.

Memory foam padding

The special feature of the EliteStall® system is the specially developed orthopedic memory foam padding with unique elastic and ergonomic properties. It counteracts the fatigue that many horses experience and absorbs shocks. This ensures improved surefootedness. The padding also protects against cold and heat, is completely waterproof, absorbs vibrations and serves to return energy. The natural memory foam ensures ideal structural stability, creating a stable, safe surface. If a horse runs over the EliteStall® surface, the hoof prints are temporarily visible, which proves the dampening effect and the energy return of the flooring. The unique memory foam does not deform and always returns to its original shape. This makes the EliteStall® particularly durable.

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Why should you use EliteStall®?

EliteStall® is an orthopedic, padded and seamless flooring that offers more than just comfort – it ensures healthier horses, better air quality in the stable and significant cost savings.

Elegant black strips

The elegant and strong fastening strips prevent the comfortable support from slipping and form an impermeable barrier that prevents urine and other unwanted liquids from seeping through to the sub-floor. This makes our flooring system very easy to clean, disinfect, wash and even hose down. There is no need for time-consuming maintenance work to remove ammonia and bacterial accumulations. You save a lot of time when cleaning. In addition, less litter is required – that saves money!

Comfy TopCover

The comfortable TopCover layer forms the protective layer of the EliteStall® floor covering. Its flexibility optimally supports the therapeutic benefits of the upholstery. It is extremely durable. The rubber pad is seamlessly made from one piece. The rubber overlay is reinforced by an integrated nylon fabric. As a result, the coated and reinforced comfortable TopCover pad offers an unmatched stable structure and durability. The surface of the TopCover does not scratch and offers maximum comfort for the horse.

Prevent ankle injuries – with the right flooring.


The 10 most important EliteStall® advantages:

Improves hoof health. The therapeutic properties of the comfortable and stable surface, which bounces back with every step, ensure improved step security, flexibility and health of the legs through optimal support for the joints, tendons and ligaments.

Improves respiratory health. This is especially important for sensitive horses. The quality of the stable air is significantly improved by the seamless, impermeable, comfortable TopCover. The formation of urea, bacteria and the resulting pollutant gas ammonia is prevented.

Preventing ankle injuries from using the wrong flooring. Thanks to the non-slip and abrasion-resistant nature, the horses can get up safely without slipping away. When standing up, the horse’s hooves sink into the padded floor and thus find optimal support.

Optimal regeneration. Horses that lie, sleep and often stand for hours on EliteStall® floor coverings get into the important REM sleep phases more easily.

Relieves pain in aching limbs or laminitis symptoms. The padded floor offers comfortable and supportive cushioning and encourages the horse to lie down.

Reduces the need for stable bandages. The optimal elasticity of the padded floor massages the horse’s frog and stimulates the blood circulation.

Full body support when lying down. The comfortable floor covering gives way around the hips, shoulders and ankles when the horse lies down and stands up.

Protects against the cold. EliteStall® protects against the unpleasant cold and moisture that come from concrete and natural floors.

Saves bedding. EliteStall® significantly reduces the need for straw, shavings, wood pellets or other types of bedding. With the EliteStall®, bedding is only required to absorb excretions.

EliteStall® pays off. Less bedding *, less time spent on cleaning the boxes and significantly less maintenance, all lead to a significant reduction in costs. EliteStall® is also extremely durable.

* up to 75% less bedding required.

Maximum Comfort

Minimum Costs

Our customers prefer EliteStall® because the completely sealed and impermeable flooring ensures maximum comfort and surefootedness. The high-quality surface offers many health benefits for your horses and directly saves litter costs!

“Elitestall® offers the horse the best conditions for regenerating and saves bedding, which pay off.”

– Julia Staal, General Manager

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