Highest quality made of natural and seamless rubber

Our natural rubber creates the best stability and comfort for your horse. Our comfortable mat supports the natural hoof mechanism and is gentle on tendons and joints. The rubber improves the surefootedness and is non-slip. Our mats replace part of the bedding. This creates less dust, better air quality, and a healthy stable climate. The rubber is water-repellent and does not absorb full. The soft surface is comfortable when lying down and getting up. This is how we create a dry, warm and comfortable surface for your horse.

Durable and comfortable

We offer a warm, comfortable surface for your horse. Muscle tension, rheumatism and stiffness are reduced. The rubber is very resilient and durable. Due to its natural material, the rubber mats are easy to care for and easy to clean all year round. Less costs, less work, more convenience.

A lot of bedding can be saved with our rubber mats. The stable climate is significantly improved by reducing the amount of dust. The massive, vulcanized rubber does not absorb liquid and is non-slip.